How Do I Make Money Blogging?

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Do you want to make money with your blog? Are you thinking of starting a new blog or you already have one and looking for a way to making money from it? You have come to the right place! If you already know what is a blog and how to start one then you should consider all the possible methods to make money from it.

How much can you make with your blog?

The answer to this question depends on how serious you are about blogging. The good news is there are people that started a simple blog just as a hobby and now they are making a full-time income from their blog and have basically quit their 9- 5 job. There are people making literally millions of dollars just from blogging and You CAN DO TOO. The first step is just to start.

So it is important what sort of niche you decide to dive into and invest your time, energy and a little bit of money so that you can see results down the track.

Can I make quick money blogging?

The truth is NO, so if you want quick money and you are desperate this is probably not the best solution. However, once you start your blog and provide value and get some authority blogging has a compounding effect. This means you may not start fast but you end up getting really big.

The money form blogging is mostly passive so you may not see results for the next two to three months but you may end up getting paid for your work years down the track. This is what I actually LOVE about blogging. For example, I am getting at list $100 commissions on one of my niche sites that I have set up 5 years ago and I have not even touched that site for more than 3 years. How good is that HA?

So if you go for niches that have search volume and low competition your content is going to sit on the internet and make you money for years. Here are a couple of methods you can use to make money blogging.

How to make money from blogging

Once your blog is all set up and running you can use one of the easy methods below to make money from your blog:

Affiliate marketing

This is how affiliate marketing works. Someone has a product or service to sell and you can help them sell their product or services by referring your readers to their products. If you are wondering how they can track the sales that are coming from your side? They provide you with tracked affiliate links, and if someone purchases through your link you will get some commission.

The amount of commission varies from a product to another. Almost all online e-commerce websites have an affiliate program, from Amazon to Apple and Tesla. The more expensive the product is the more commission you get. One of the most popular affiliate programs is called Clickbank(which is an online retailer with a global presence and an extensive affiliate network). You can use Clickbank university if you would like to learn how to make up to six figures or even more using Clickbank.

There are products on Clickbank that offer more than $500 commission for every sale. So imagine how much money is there to be made with affiliate marketing!!

Monetize with banner Ads

placing ads is one of the most common methods bloggers use to make money from their blogs. If you are wondering how they get paid here are two common types of ads that pay:

CPC(Cost per click) Ads: These are a type of ad that you place in between your content or sometimes at the sidebar of your blog. Once your reader clicks on the ads you will get paid. The value of a click can go from only a few cents to a few dollars depending on which country the click is come from. For example, a reader from India will have a considerably lower CPC rate that a reader from the United States.

CPM(Cose per impression ) Ads: Cost per 1000 impression. These types of ads will pay you a certain amount of money based on the number of people who viewed your ad without even clicking on the ads.

There many Ad networks that you can use to place ads on your website. However, Google Adsense is the most popular network that pays reasonably well.

The good thing is you don’t need to be in contact with the advertisers, all you need to do is to place a small code snippet on your website. Googles then will show relevant ads to your viewers. When your readers view and click on the ads you can see your balance will increase in your google AdSense page.

Charge for private Ads

Once you start getting traffic into your website, advertisers will contact you directly to ask you to place their ads on your site. You can even ask the advertiser to place ads on your website. A private Ad can be a link, button or a banner to the advertisers’ product and service.

The main difference between private ads and advertising networks is that fact that and there is also no middle man so that you can set the rates yourself. The rates depend on how valuable your content is, It can even go to a few thousand dollars if it is a valuable and competitive niche.

Charge for sponsored posts

Sponsored content is one of the best methods to make money from your blog. With this method, you basically charge the advertiser to write about or review their products or services.

For instance, a certain brand is introducing a new swimming trunk and you have a niche blog about men’s sportswear. The advertiser might ask you to write an article about or review their new line and pay you for that. You can also use the same article and add affiliate links to products so that you can also get some commissions on every sale.

Sell digital products using your blog

If you have skills and knowledge in a certain niche you can use your blog to sell your knowledge through an ebook, digital course or online tutorials. You can also provide digital services like creating graphic designs and software using your blog.

You can use easy tools like Sqribble to create your ebook or even use PLR products to make the process of content creation faster. To be able to sell all those digital products you need some authority in that specific niche. You can do that by providing valuable content to your readers and creating an email list from your views. This can help you notify them every time new content or relevant product is out to form you. Creating an email list is a great income booster down the track.

Once your audience trusts you through your valuable content it would be easier to convince them and sell products to them.

Sell blog’s newsletter space

Once you created your email list using your blog you can charge advertisers by mentioning them in your email newsletter. All you have to do is to create related emails and recommend the advertiser’s product or services to your email list. You can use tools like Thrive leads to create an email list form your audience.

Content marketing for your business

You can use your blog as a content marketing tool that can boost your business and direct visitors to your business website using your blog. This method can help you sell physical products as well.

You can sell books, hand-made products, manufactured Products, and so many more items using your blog. All you need to do it use the visitors that come into your blog and offer them the products that you would like to sell. In this case, your blog can become a perfect free marking tool for your business. People also start a blog to convert their current loyal customers.

People who want to start selling products on Amazon using FBA or starting a new Shopify dropshipping store can use blogs to drive traffic and increase brand awareness. This is a great marking tool for drop shippers because this can decrease your expenses for Facebook marketing(Facebook ad is the main traffic source for most new drop shippers).

For example, if you like to sell a weight loss product on Amazon or your own online store, you might cover topics about how to lose weight on your blog and once you start getting traffic, offer your product on the side to your audience ;).

Sell subscriptions and membership

Another option to make money from your blog is to create restricted content for members only. What you need to do is to create more in-depth content for members only. A membership site can be a great cash flow since your members are going to page every month for your premium content.

Private forums can be another option for creating a membership site. You can charge a small monthly fee from your audience to get one on one advice from you about your business.

As long as your audience cannot find what you can provide to them anywhere else for free they are going to pay for your membership service. So you need to create something valuable to them.